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The heavy equipment industry faces significant electrical challenges in the realm of vehicle power, communication, and engine controls. Electronics used in today's heavy equipment must excel in managing higher power demands, handling increased voltages, facilitating rapid data and communication transmissions, and ensuring uninterrupted operation in demanding environments.

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As an undisputed global leader of interconnect solutions for harsh environments, Amphenol has solutions to solve any technical challenge.


Diesel Engine

With the introduction of new environmental and regulatory standards, today's diesel engines are continuously growing in complexity. This complexity is driving the need for increased electronic integration. Furthermore, the demanding operating environments that diesel engines are subjected to can be some of the most challenging. Amphenol specializes in the design and production of connectors and wiring assemblies built to withstand these harsh conditions. From extreme high temperatures to intense vibrations, Amphenol provides the electrical solutions necessary for the modern diesel engine.

Vehicle Power

In the heavy equipment sector, reliable interconnects are essential, particularly when it comes to carrying substantial current and managing high voltage levels. Leveraging our patented RADSOK® contact technology, our connectors deliver industry-leading amperage capacity with the lowest insertion force, making them the ideal solution for powering heavy equipment vehicles.

Vehicle Communication

Signal transmissions have become commonplace in the heavy equipment sector, and the need for interconnect systems that can endure high vibration, extreme temperatures, and challenging environmental conditions is of utmost importance. Amphenol offers a variety of connectors to fulfill the data connection requirements within the heavy equipment industry.

Engine Control Units

Control Units play a crucial role in monitoring various parameters within internal combustion engines. These sophisticated units provide real-time measurements of essential variables such as fuel mixture, idle speed, ignition timing, variable valve timing, aftertreatment controls and electronic valve control. Traditionally, ECUs have been associated with complex and bulky wiring assemblies. At Amphenol, we've pioneered the design and development of connectors and wiring tailored for control unit applications. Our solutions deliver substantial cost savings, reduced labor requirements, and decreased weight, offering significant advantages to end-users.

Connectors to fit your industry requirements by design

Featured image for “ePower-Lite and ePower-Lite Mini”

ePower-Lite and ePower-Lite Mini

Rectangular, Plastic, Press fit, Touch-Proof, Environmental, Power Connector
Featured image for “Eaxtron – UL1977 DIN Connector”

Eaxtron – UL1977 DIN Connector

Material Handling, Forklift, Charging Connector, DIN, Power
Featured image for “Amphe-HST”


Tubing, Irradiated or Cross-Linked Materials
Featured image for “Amphe-Lite™”


Circular, Composite, Threaded Coupling, Harsh Environments, Multi-Pin Signal Connector.
Featured image for “SurLok Plus™”

SurLok Plus™

Quick Lock and Press-to-Release Design, Plastic, RADSOK® Technology
Featured image for “PT / 26482 Series 1”

PT / 26482 Series 1

Cylindrical, Metal, Bayonet Coupling, Harsh Environment, Power & Signal Connector
Featured image for “GT Reverse Bayonet”

GT Reverse Bayonet

Product Description: Composite, Reverse Bayonet Coupling, Harsh Environment, Power RADSOK® Sockets
Featured image for “ACA-B Series”

ACA-B Series

Cylindrical, Metal, Reverse Bayonet, Environmental & Rugged for Power and Signal Applications.
Featured image for “AC Threaded”

AC Threaded

Cylindrical, Multi-pin, Metal, Threaded Coupling, for use in Benign and Harsh Environments, Power Connector.
Featured image for “MIL-DTL-5015 Series (MS)”

MIL-DTL-5015 Series (MS)

Product Description: Cost effective circular, metal, multi-pin, threaded coupling signal or power connector for benign or harsh environments. SAE-AS50151 qualified.
Featured image for “UPT Connector Series”

UPT Connector Series

Cylindrical, Plastic, Bayonet Coupling, Harsh Environment, Power & Signal Connector®
Featured image for “Tru-Loc® Splitter”

Tru-Loc® Splitter

CANbus Network: CAN-High, CAN-Low, Ground or Shield, I/O Power, Rectangular, Splitter, Plastic
Featured image for “Tru-Loc®”


Rectangular, Plastic, Latch Coupling, Harsh Environment, Power Connector
Featured image for “Train-Line”


Metal, Push Pull Coupling, Harsh and Hazardous environments, Power Connector
Featured image for “Quelarc”


Cylindrical, Aluminum Plugs & Ferrous Alloy Receptacles, Threaded and Press-Fit Coupling, Rugged Environment, Power Connector
Featured image for “Max-M12”


Cylindrical, Multi-Pin, High Speed, First-Mate Last-Break, Threaded Coupling
Featured image for “LPT Series”

LPT Series

Cylindrical, Metal, Complete Coupling in a Quarter Turn, Harsh Environment, Stamped & Formed Contacts, Power and Signal Connector
Featured image for “HIC Series – Hermetic Industrial Connector”

HIC Series – Hermetic Industrial Connector

Metal, Threaded and Bayonet Coupling, Hermetic, Quadrax Contacts
Featured image for “GTC Matrix Connectors”

GTC Matrix Connectors

Circular, Aluminum, Multi-pin, Harsh Environments, Power and Signal Connector
Featured image for “GTC-E Series”

GTC-E Series

Metal, Reverse Bayonet Coupling, Harsh Environment
Featured image for “GT Quadrax”

GT Quadrax

Metal, Reverse Bayonet Coupling, Harsh Environment, Quadrax Contacts
Featured image for “Cord Grips”

Cord Grips

Variety of Bodies styles, NPT threaded entry, Harsh Environment, Machined components
Featured image for “CMB”


Amphenol Circular Metal Bayonet Connectors: Compact and Cost-Effective
Featured image for “Cable Glands Industrial”

Cable Glands Industrial

Cylindrical, Metal or Nylon, PG or Metric threads, IP65/67/68 rated
Featured image for “AT Machined Contacts”

AT Machined Contacts

Copper Alloy Body, Harsh Environment, Power or Signal
Featured image for “AT Circular Series”

AT Circular Series

Cylindrical, Thermoplastic, Non Threaded Coupling, Harsh Environment, Power Connector
Featured image for “APC Series”

APC Series

Plastic, Triple-Start ACME Thread, Harsh Environment
Featured image for “Amphe-GTR”


Cylindrical, Composite, Reverse Bayonet Coupling, Power RADSOK® Sockets for High Voltage and Amperage
Featured image for “Amphe-RC”


Cylindrical, Metal, Threaded Coupling, Harsh Environment, Power or Signal Connector
Featured image for “UPC Connectors for HEV”

UPC Connectors for HEV

Rectangular, Plastic, Latch Coupling, Touch Proof, Power Connector
Featured image for “ePower”


Rectangular, Metal, Press fit, Environmental, Power Connector
Featured image for “Amphe-Power”


Cylindrical, Metal, Threaded Coupling, Benign Environment, Power Connector

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Amphenol Industrial's product lines consist of rectangular, standard miniature, fiber optic, EMI/EMP filter, and a variety of special application connectors.

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