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In the dynamic energy storage market, reliable connectors are essential. Amphenol specializes in designing and manufacturing robust connectors built to endure harsh environments, ensuring uninterrupted performance for energy storage systems across various applications.

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Amphenol connectors are approved by UL/CSA, VDE and other international standards.


Battery Management Systems

Battery Management Systems (BMS) are critical components within the Energy Storage Market. They oversee battery packs composed of multiple lithium-ion cells organized into individual modules, with several modules connected to form a battery. The arrangement of these modules is optimized to maximize energy output while minimizing space requirements. The effectiveness of energy storage relies on the BMS, which continuously provides real-time data to the controller, ensuring efficient operation.

Energy Storage

Understanding and being keenly aware of the effects of increased consumer energy usage on the grid, Amphenol Industrial Operations has designed and developed a wide range of connector and electrical assembly solutions for this emerging market. As the industry matures and advancements are made in Energy Storage, the need for high power connection systems and associated cable assemblies will evolve.

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Amphenol Industrial's product lines consist of rectangular, standard miniature, fiber optic, EMI/EMP filter, and a variety of special application connectors.

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