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At Amphenol Industrial Operations we understand the unique interconnect needs of hybrid and electric vehicles.  We know that passenger, commercial, and industrial vehicles require years of maintenance-free service and must withstand some of the harshest environments whether on-road, off-road or moving earth.  Amphenol's Hybrid Electric Vehicle Products withstand:  Vibration, Humidity, Dust, Salt, Temperature extremes. Whether you need power connectors, signal connectors, rugged cables and switches, complete cable assemblies, or system attachments, we have the right solution for your automotive application.

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We also know that you need a partner with a global footprint of service and support. Amphenol connectors are approved by UL/CSA, VDE and other international standards.


Battery Management Systems

Most battery packs in the Energy Storage Market consist of multiple lithium ion cells packaged with an individual module, several of which are connected in a battery.  The modules within the battery are arranged in such a way as to maximize energy output while conserving space.  Efficient energy storage depends on the Battery Management System (BMS) to provide data on a real time basis to the controller.

Energy Storage

Understanding and being very keenly aware of the effects of increased consumer energy usage on the grid, Amphenol Industrial Operations has designed and developed a wide range of connector and electrical assembly solutions for this emerging market.  As the industry matures and advancements are made in Energy Storage, the need for high power connection systems and associated cable assemblies will evolve.

Hybrid Drive Systems

With a strong global push for a decreased dependency on foreign oil and fossil fuels, electric and hybrid drive trains are increasing in popularity.  Furthermore, heavy equipment OEMs are realizing the benefits of lowering the fuel dependency as well.  The more traditional vehicle fuel models are transitioning into alternative and renewable fuel solutions. 

Connectors to fit your industry requirements by design

Featured image for “Eaxtron – UL1977 DIN Connector”

Eaxtron – UL1977 DIN Connector

Material Handling, Forklift, Charging Connector, DIN, Power
Featured image for “Amphe-HST”


Tubing, Irradiated or Cross-Linked Materials
Featured image for “Amphe-Lite”


Circular, Composite, Threaded Coupling, Harsh Environments, Multi-Pin Signal Connector.
Featured image for “97 Series”

97 Series

Cylindrical, Multi-pin, mil-derivative metal threaded connector for use in benign environments.
Featured image for “PT / 26482 Series 1”

PT / 26482 Series 1

Cylindrical, Metal, Bayonet Coupling, Harsh Environment, Power & Signal Connector
Featured image for “GT Reverse Bayonet”

GT Reverse Bayonet

Product Description: Composite, Reverse Bayonet Coupling, Harsh Environment, Power RADSOK® Sockets
Featured image for “ACA-B Series”

ACA-B Series

Cylindrical, Metal, Reverse Bayonet, Environmental & Rugged for Power and Signal Applications.
Featured image for “AC Threaded”

AC Threaded

Cylindrical, Multi-pin, Metal, Threaded Coupling, for use in Benign and Harsh Environments, Power Connector.
Featured image for “97 E Pre-Earth FMLB”

97 E Pre-Earth FMLB

Cylindrical, Multi-pin, Pre-Earth, First-Mate Last-Break, Threaded Coupling
Featured image for “MIL-DTL-5015 Series (MS)”

MIL-DTL-5015 Series (MS)

Product Description: Cost effective circular, metal, multi-pin, threaded coupling signal or power connector for benign or harsh environments. SAE-AS50151 qualified.
Featured image for “UPT Connector Series”

UPT Connector Series

Cylindrical, Plastic, Bayonet Coupling, Harsh Environment, Power & Signal Connector®
Featured image for “LPT Series”

LPT Series

Cylindrical, Metal, Complete Coupling in a Quarter Turn, Harsh Environment, Stamped & Formed Contacts, Power and Signal Connector
Featured image for “GTC Matrix Connectors”

GTC Matrix Connectors

Circular, Aluminum, Multi-pin, Harsh Environments, Power and Signal Connector
Featured image for “GTC-E Series”

GTC-E Series

Metal, Reverse Bayonet Coupling, Harsh Environment
Featured image for “GT Quadrax”

GT Quadrax

Metal, Reverse Bayonet Coupling, Harsh Environment, Quadrax Contacts
Featured image for “Cord Grips”

Cord Grips

Variety of Bodies styles, NPT threaded entry, Harsh Environment, Machined components
Featured image for “CMB”


Amphenol Circular Metal Bayonet Connectors: Compact and Cost-Effective
Featured image for “APC Series”

APC Series

Plastic, Triple-Start ACME Thread, Harsh Environment
Featured image for “Amphe-PRB”


Cylindrical, Plastic, Threaded Coupling, Multi-Phase, Power Connector
Featured image for “Amphe-OBTS Power Connector”

Amphe-OBTS Power Connector

Revolutionizing Base Stations
Featured image for “Amphe-GTR”


Cylindrical, Composite, Reverse Bayonet Coupling, Power RADSOK® Sockets for High Voltage and Amperage
Featured image for “Amphe-BTS”


Circular, Brass, Bayonet Coupling, Power Connector
Featured image for “AHVB”


Contact Terminal, Bristle, 14 to 70 Points of Contact, Signal, High Mating Cycles
Featured image for “Amphe-Power”


Cylindrical, Metal, Threaded Coupling, Benign Environment, Power Connector

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Amphenol Industrial's product lines consist of rectangular, standard miniature, fiber optic, EMI/EMP filter, and a variety of special application connectors.

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