Unlocking Power and Efficiency:  The History of RADSOK®

By: Tyler Yesensky
March 20, 2024

RADSOK, which stands for RADial SOcKet, is a high-performance electrical contact technology developed by K&K Stamping, which was then purchased by Amphenol Corporation.  The history of RADSOK® traces back to the late 1990s when Amphenol recognized the need for more efficient and reliable electrical connectors, especially in applications requiring high current-carrying capacity.

Late 1990s: Inception of RADSOK Technology

During the inception of RADSOK®, Amphenol began research and development efforts to create a new electrical contact technology that could address the limitations of traditional pin and socket connectors, with primary focus on designing a solution that could handle higher currents, reduce insertion forces, and improve overall performance.  This was known as the “R1” RADSOK®.

Early 2000s: Introduction and Patenting

Amphenol Industrial Operations officially introduced RADSOK® technology to the market in the early 2000s, where the technology was patented, highlighting the innovative features that set it apart from conventional connector designs.  Initial applications were seen in the automotive industry, where high power and reliability were critical. 

Mid-2000s: Expansion to Various Industries

In the mid-2000s, as the advantages of RADSOK® became more apparent, Amphenol expanded its technology to various industries, including aerospace, defense, renewable energy, and industrial automation.  The technology gained traction for its ability to deliver high current density in a compact form factor.

Ongoing Research and Development: Continuous Improvement

Amphenol continued investing in research and development to enhance the performance of RADSOK® technology.  During this time, the company collaborated with customers and industry partners to understand specific application requirements and tailor the technology accordingly.  This led to the inception of the “R4” RADSOK®, which adopted a new and improved manufacturing process. 

Today, Amphenol Industrial Operations has continued its evolution of the RADSOK® technology, where the release of its next generation RADSOK® Enduro-RX™, is on the horizon.  The Enduro-RX™ holds primary focus on durability and cycle life, which reflects its versatility and adaptability to growing industry needs, primarily within EV Charging.  

Wide Adoption and Standardization

Over the years, RADSOK® technology gained widespread adoption across different sectors due to its proven reliability, high power density, and durability.  The technology has become a de facto standard in certain industries, with various connectors and products incorporating RADSOK® contacts.

Conclusion: The History of RADSOK® and Unlocking Power and Efficiency

Overall, the history of RADSOK® showcases its evolution from a novel concept, to a widely adopted and standardized technology, providing improved electrical connectivity solutions for high-current applications across various industries.  

Ty Yesensky
Product Development Manager – RADSOK®




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